COVID – 19 Clinic Procedures

Our Covid-19 Response: Changes To Appointments

Prior to the appointment 

  • Please note we are not allowing ANY walk-in appointments.
  • If you need supplies, call us prior to arranging pick-up or shipping.
  • Call and book the appointment and answer the verbal questionnaire.
  • Please bring your own clean mask to wear during the entire appointment.

During the appointment

  • At this time we are only allowing 2 patients in our office at a time.
  • Our office doors are locked at all times and only open for scheduled appointments.
  • Whether you come by yourself or are dropped off, when you arrive, remain in your car and call the phone number for the appropriate location to notify us of your arrival.  
  • If you arrived and do not have a cell phone, please KNOCK at the exact time of your appointment. 
  • Please sanitize your hands and put on a clean disposable mask if you do not have one.
  • Fill out our COVID questionnaire in person, please date and sign the document.
  • We are requiring a filled-out questionnaire each time you come in direct contact with our staff or office.
  • When the paperwork is completed, your provider will take you to the appropriate room where you will be for the majority, if not all, of your appointment.
  • Our staff will wear face masks, protective eyewear during the entire appointment, and a protective gown and gloves when in close contact with our patients. 

After the appointment

  • Our cleaning process takes 15-20 minutes between every patient. 
  • Our staff will handwash, disinfect our shields/goggles, change our gloves & gowns for each patient.
  • Our staff will clean and sterilize all surfaces, doorknobs, equipment, tools, chairs, pens, washroom, and everything you may have come into contact with.  
  • Our staff will write detailed notes about your appointment.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we navigate hearing healthcare in a safe way for both our patients and staff.