Custom Ear Plugs

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Custom Ear Plugs

Custom earplugs offer excellent protection from potential hearing loss because they are made from molds of your ears. We offer a variety of custom earplugs designed specifically for different activities such as:

  • Musicians Ear Plugs: Custom earplugs designed for musicians, work by reducing sounds evenly, resulting in music and speech that is quieter, yet natural. Musician earplugs come with interchangeable attenuators that offer different levels of sound reduction for a variety of listening conditions.

  • Swimmers Ear Plugs: When moisture enters the ear canals, it can cause itchiness, pain, and infection. This may lead to a condition called swimmer’s ear, which can cause permanent hearing loss if untreated.

  • Noise Protection: High decibel levels in the workplace are a leading cause of hearing loss. Even though the use of hearing protection in industrial settings has been mandated, standard earplugs don’t always offer adequate protection from noisy equipment and machinery. Custom industrial-strength earplugs provide hearing protection for the most extreme high decibel situations.

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