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Patient Referral by Physicians

Client Referral Program

We welcome all patient referrals and provide a Free Hearing Test and Comprehensive Evaluation. A complete report will be sent to your office following the appointment for the record. 

Over time, physicians have referred many patients to Whisper Audiology Clinic for hearing tests, hearing aid evaluations, tinnitus management, and hyperacusis consultations. It's very simple to refer a patient to us, just fill out the Referral Form on this page and in the comments please indicate the referring doctor's name, contact number, and pertinent patient information.

Thank you for choosing Whisper Audiology and confiding your hearing needs to us. Our satisfied clients are our most valuable assets. Our practice continues to grow because you share your positive experiences with your family, friends, and neighbors. That’s why we are committed to providing the best care and state-of-the-art hearing technology to you and your loved ones.

                                 THANK YOU FOR HELPING US GROW!

How Do I Refer my Patients?

Jasmin Kaur Audiologist in Hamilton

  • Referring Physicians can complete the Contact form below (referral forms are not necessary).
  • Include referring Doctor’s name, contact number, and all previous test results/reports and related information in the comments.
  • Patients are welcome to call our clinics directly to schedule a hearing test.
  • We follow up with all referrals within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.
  • Alternatively, you can email or fax to the choice of Whisper Audiology clinic.
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Why refer to us?

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Audiologist in Hamilton

Owned and Operated by an Audiologist

Our Audiologist has extensive knowledge of hearing loss and tinnitus and Is trained with the latest technology in hearing aids


Flexible Hours

If you need an evening appointment or a weekend appointment we can accommodate to your schedule. Can’t get into the clinic? We can come to you!

Hearing aids hamilton

Hearing Aid Trials

We make sure our patients can try hearing aids before purchasing them. This allows the audiologist and the patient to see which hearing aid is best for their lifestyle

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