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Hearing Loss

What are the downsides to not treating hearing loss?

There are many downsides to leaving hearing loss untreated. Untreated hearing loss can typically lead to social isolation, depression, exhaustion and cognitive decline. Leaving a hearing loss untreated and thus leaving the auditory nerve unstimulated can further progress the hearing loss.

What types of hearing loss are easier to treat?

There are three types of hearing loss; Sensorineural, Conductive and Mixed. Sensorineural hearing loss is a result of nerve damage and is usually treated with hearing aids. Conductive hearing loss is typically due to a problem with the ear canal, eardrum, or inner ear and typically requires medical attention.

Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both Sensorineural and Conductive hearing loss and treatment differentiates from case to case.

How to improve your hearing?

If you have a hearing loss, it is important to wear your hearing aids consistently in order to preserve your hearing by stimulating the auditory nerve and prevent it from getting worse.

How can I prevent hearing loss?

Wear hearing protection wherever you are exposed to loud sounds. Also, ensure you get yearly hearing checks to monitor the hearing loss.

Hearing Test & Hearing Aids

Will hearing aids restore my hearing to normal?

Hearing aids will not restore your hearing back to normal, but rather aid and assist in hearing whilst wearing them. Hearing aids can also assist in preventing your hearing loss from progressing by keeping the auditory nerve stimulated.

What is an audiologist and what do they do?

To become an audiologist in Canada, you must have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant field and then a master's degree in Audiology. Audiologists are the most qualified professionals to assess and make a non-medical diagnosis of hearing impairment.

Audiologists are able to prescribe, fit, and dispense hearing aids along with other assistive listening devices.

What is involved in a Hearing test?

Case history, Otoscopy, Tympanometry, Hearing assessment and Consultation based on the results.

How Long Does the Hearing Test Take?

In order to complete a full audiological assessment, it takes around 1 hour.

How Often Should I Get My Hearing tested?

An annual hearing test is recommended.

How often do I need to change my hearing aid batteries?

Hearing aid batteries typically last about 5-7 days. With new advancements in technology, there are several rechargeable options.

Can you provide any solutions for custom hearing protection?

We make custom noise plugs, swim plugs, sleep plugs and musicians plugs.

How do I protect from noise?

Wearing custom noise plugs will help preserve your hearing.

Where can I repair my hearing aids?

Our clinic does minor hearing aids repairs. If there is a larger repair that needs to be done we send your hearing aids to the manufacturer on your behalf.

Tinnitus Management

Does Tinnitus cause hearing loss?

Tinnitus does not cause hearing loss but often is a symptom of hearing loss or noise exposure. There is no real treatment for tinnitus however music therapy and tinnitus sound generators built within hearing aids often provide relief to those suffering from tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus and if there are any medications to cure Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a perception of noise in the ear in the form of ringing, buzzing, hissing, clicking in the ear. Tinnitus is not a condition in itself, but rather a symptom of various reasons some of which include hearing loss or head or ear injury.

Pricing & Financing

Does my insurance cover any hearing benefits?

Many insurance companies cover hearing tests and a portion of the hearing aid cost. It is always good to call ahead and find out what the coverage is. If you need assistance, someone at the clinic is always able to help when you call.

Does OHIP cover hearing aids?

ADP (Assistive Device Program) covers $500/side every 5 years towards the cost of hearing aids.

What is the cost of hearing aids?

Hearing aids range in price from $1500 - $7000 depending on your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

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