Ear Wax Management

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Ear Wax Removal

Some individuals naturally produce more earwax than others and sometimes they produce enough earwax to block the ear canal. This can cause temporary hearing loss and can be quite uncomfortable. When this occurs, it is important to see our audiologist who can help remove this earwax using our state of the art equipment. It is important to note that you should not use Q-tips to get the wax out as that usually has the opposite effect, and pushes the wax further down the canal.
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What to Expect in Ear Wax Removal Cleaning Session?

We understand that no one wants to dig in their ear with tools or syringing water to flush out earwax.
Our audiologist will ensure you are informed about every step of the ear wax removal and explain what to expect and what you may hear or feel as not to be startled.
Earwax is curetted with special medical, metal instruments that can cut out and remove the wax. Deeper ear wax is better removed by flushing it with water and removing it with a syringe.  It’s a better procedure than the use of metal instruments within close proximity of your eardrum.  We realize syringe techniques and flushing the ear canal for ear wax removal with water can be uncomfortable for some patients so if needed you will be advised before this procedure is used.

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