Hearing Tests and Assessments for Adults

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Your Hearing Health is Important

In today’s world, 1 in 3 adults is at risk of hearing. It can deteriorate prior to any symptoms being noticed therefore, we recommend monitoring your hearing at least annually and having a hearing screening once a year.  We are exposed to greater levels of noise than the generations before us.  Our constant headphone usage and exposure to a continuous noise source is the biggest concern, but even when we don’t have those in simply the noise we are exposed to noise from our surroundings. It’s not just factory workers or the military that are at high risk for hearing loss.

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3 Signs that You Need to Book a Hearing Test

Hearing tests are a quick and painless way to stay on top of your hearing health.

1. If you never had a hearing test before

Untreated hearing loss increases your chances of injuries such as falling and other cognitive declines. Ensuring you test your hearing will provide a baseline in order to keep your brain and body healthy as you age and to treat any concerns at the early stages. Research indicates that untreated hearing loss has links to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and isolation. It is always good to get your hearing checked and establish a baseline.

2. Difficulty understanding words, especially against background noises or in crowds

It may seem that with one on one conversations you can hear and take part in conversations, but oftentimes it is in small groups or various environmental settings that we notice we can’t properly understand what others are saying. Oftentimes, this makes us feel left out or frustrated and thus isolated. If this is the case, you should get a hearing test to establish a baseline and if required, take the necessary steps to hear with proper amplification and take part in the conversation!

3. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your ears

Detecting any problems in your ears early is the best way to ensure you do not run into problems that may be more difficult to attend to in the future. If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain book an appointment with your local audiologist as soon as you can. If the problem is put off for too long, some damage can be irreversible. Your brain and body are both connected to your ears which is why it is so important not to neglect your hearing health.

Research indicates that on average it takes a person over 10 years to address an issue with their hearing health. As a society, we must change this and spread accurate information on how important hearing health is to our well-being on a daily basis! If any of these signs apply to you please feel free to book an appointment with us at Whisper Audiology Hearing Clinic.

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