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About Our Award Winning Hearing Clinic

Jasmin Kaur Audiologist in Hamilton

At Whisper Audiology, it is our goal to help you maximize your listening potential and provide the best experience in achieving better hearing. We provide an innovative and personalized approach to hearing health care.

We are a boutique hearing clinic that takes time with each of our clients but we deal with all major hearing aid manufacturers, which means patients will always be recommended what’s best for their specific needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our patients by providing exceptional and affordable hearing healthcare in a compassionate environment. Our mandate includes the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of hearing loss for all ages.

We work with WSIB, DVA, VAC, ODSP, Ontario Works, and all insurance plans! Ontario residents who have a valid Ontario Health card are eligible for assistance for hearing aids through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) of Ontario.

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Get the Most Discreet Hearing Aid on the Market!

Are you looking for a hearing aid that nobody can notice? Whisper Audiology offers Silk Nx.- the smallest and most natural-sounding, ready-to-wear hearing aids! Gain the confidence of knowing your long overdue hearing problem can now be resolved with tiny, discreet hearing aids that hide comfortably in your ear. Silk is ready to wear on the spot thanks to soft, silicone sleeves that allow them to hide comfortably in your ear. With Silk hearing aids, the microphone picks up sound inside the ear canal. Imagine being able to make phone calls and listen to your favorite music on your headphones! Silk hearing aids also come with an app that lets you quickly change settings to customize your own personal preferences. So, forget about worrying if people will notice if you have hearing aids and start enjoying your life again with amazing quality hearing in all situations!

We Offer Children's Hearing Tests for ages 3 years and up

children's hearing tests and hearing aids hamilton

It's important to identify hearing problems as early as possible because they can affect your child's speech and language development, social skills, and education. Treatment is more effective if any problems are detected and managed accordingly early on.

Our children's' hearing tests are conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere, allowing your child to feel comfortable and relaxed.  We encourage you to bring your child to Whisper Audiology sooner than later.  Hearing loss at a very early age is important because children with hearing loss often fall behind their peers in speech and language development, cognitive skills, and social skills.

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Why Choose Whisper Audiology Hearing Clinic?

award winning audiologist hamilton

award winning audiologist stoney creek hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
award winning audiologist hamilton
Audiologist in Hamilton

Owned and Operated by an Audiologist

Our Audiologist has extensive knowledge of hearing loss and tinnitus and Is trained with the latest technology in hearing aids


Flexible Hours

If you need an evening appointment or a weekend appointment we can accommodate to your schedule. Can’t get into the clinic? We can come to you!

Hearing aids hamilton

Hearing Aid Trials

We make sure our patients can try hearing aids before purchasing them. This allows the audiologist and the patient to see which hearing aid is best for their lifestyle

We are Here to Help You HEAR!

Your hearing health care is very important to us. That is why at Whisper Audiology Hearing Clinic, we offer a wide variety of services including hearing tests for adults of all ages and hearing tests for children aged 3 years and up, tinnitus diagnosis and management, the latest technology in hearing aids, custom earplugs, ear wax removal, aural rehabilitation and more.
Our boutique-style hearing clinic serves Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Milton, and offers a warm and relaxing environment with caring and considerate attention. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. You will never feel rushed at Whisper Audiology!
If you can’t come into our award-winning hearing clinic, we can also bring these services to your home! Simply fill in the contact form below or phone us! 

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