Looking for custom earplug solutions? We’ve got your ears covered!


Custom Ear plugs

There are a number of different types of custom earplugs depending on what type of activity you intend to use them for. Below are the basic types of earplugs we offer.

  1. Swim Plugs

    These earplugs are made for swimmers in all types of water. They protect the ear from getting water containing bacteria inside the canal and causing an infection (also known as swimmer's ear). This type of plug is also used for people with tubes in their ears to keep water from entering the tubes and causing issues. They are made from a floatable silicon material and come in a variety of colors.

  2. Musicians’ Ears

    As you may have guessed from the name this type of plug is intended for musicians. These plugs have special filters in them that allow the earplugs to reduce the sound (so it isn’t harmful to the ear) while still allowing the person to hear themselves, their instrument, and their band members and stay in tune. We make no promises that it will improve your instrument skills though.

  3. Noise Plugs

    Calling all folks who work or play in noisy environments! This includes (but is not limited to) farmers, mechanics, police officers, factory workers, hunters, motorcycle riders, etc. These plugs block out the loud and harmful sounds that can immediately (in the case of guns) or over the course of time (in the case of mechanical/factory equipment sounds), damage your hearing. If you work in a noisy environment check with your employer or insurance because your hearing protection may be covered as personal protective equipment (PPE).

  4. Hunters/Shooters Electronic Earplugs

    Whether you are hunting, shooting traps, shooting skeet, or shooting handguns, there is a specific type of custom electronic earplug made for this purpose. Rather than simply blocking all noise it picks up sound through a small microphone and allows you to hear or even amplify the sounds around you whether it be the person standing beside you or that grouse in the bushes but still recognizes the sound of the gunshot and switches in less than a millisecond to noise protection in order to prevent any noise damage to your ears. Since these earplugs are custom made with an electronic component they have a higher price point than our other earplugs.

  5. Sleep Plugs

    For folks who are light sleepers (or sleep next to a snorer), these plugs are for you! These plugs reduce the ambient noise so that you are not likely to hear your neighbor start their car at 5 am or other bothersome sounds that occur during the night. They are made to sit flat in the ear and not stick out so that they are comfortable to sleep with and won’t fall out in the night. Since they do not provide as much sound reduction as noise plugs, they should not be substituted as ear protection.