Invisible Hearing Aids

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Discreet Hearing Aids with Latest Technology

These are the smallest and most discrete hearing aids made. They can be custom molded to fit right into your ear. These hearing aids work great for an active individual as they stay put, deep inside the ear.

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Invisible Hearing Aid Advantages

There are many different options in Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) hearing aids, but generally all share similar benefits:

• A custom mold can be created in order to make a custom IIC hearing aid to fit the ear
• They are all small and light-weight but can come in different sized options
• They are very small and invisible
• Although most of them do not come with bluetooth connectivity due to their small size, volume can be controlled with a remote
• They are coloured to match the skin and camouflage them so that they are even more discrete

There are however some disadvantages of IIC, invisible hearing aids such as a smaller battery, therefore having to change it more often and less features than larger hearing aids.

Is this type of Hearing Aid right for you?

When deciding best hearing aids options for you, the will be assessed by the audiologist based on the following factors:

  • The level of hearing loss
  • The type of hearing loss
  • Whether you have dexterity issues
  • Your lifestyle and activities
  • Your listening environments
  • Whether you experience tinnitus

There are many factors that influence the style of hearing aid that would work best for you. From your everyday lifestyle to leisure activities, the hearing aid will be chosen based on your personal needs. The audiologist will assess your hearing and recommend the best options based on your hearing loss, while taking into consideration the control of your devices, rechargeable vs battery powered, and the level of technology.

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